Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anniversary Shopping

Our 14th wedding anniversary is this week.  In order to celebrate, we went shopping out of town.  We started at the Alameda Point Sale near San Francisco, CA.  Some of the dealers were absent due to the rain out last weekend, but some of the buyers were absent too!  As always there was a great selection of different vintage items.  This marked the first time I've ever seen more than just a couple of pieces of Homer Laughlin Mexicana.  There was a lady there that had maybe a 20 piece set (with a creamer, sugar, and casserole all with a lot of damage).  She wanted $500 for the set but couldn't seem to provide any sort of rationale as to why she thought they were worth that much (especially with the damage).  I just walked off and left it there, not for me!

I did see lots of interesting things on our little trip.  Tablecloths, clothes, hats, glassware.......


Much of it was over priced, but I did come home with one little treasure!  I found a Mexican theme tablecloth for $7.50!  After we got finished at the show, we decided to pop over to San Jose to hit the shops there.  There are really only two shops worth going to and when I got to the very last booth at the Antiques Colony, I found a set of Riviera.  I had to do a double take when I looked at the prices because at first I wasn't sure what I was looking at.  Casserole: $12, Creamer and Sugar Set $12, Gravy Boat $6, Cup and Saucer Sets $4 each, Salt and Pepper Set $10, then I got 10% off the total price.  Now that's what I call a BARGAIN!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.........

Last week we drove to Sacramento, CA and went to a favorite thrift shop of ours.  That's where I found this really awesome Christmas Tree shelf for $3.00.  It fits my Riviera and Fiesta salt and pepper shakers really well.  They look like bright little ornaments scattered about on the tree.  It'll be making another appearance in December....I think I need more shakers!

Vintage Finds

Rummage and Yard Sales are probably some of the best places to find vintage bargains.  All it takes is a careful eye and a bit of patience.  A local church advertised a rummage sale for today, so we went out shopping. I spent about $6.00 on the items pictured here.  I bought four cowboy divided plates ($3.00 for all), two beautiful tablecloths ($1 each), some Mexican bookends (.25 cents), and some bakelite (maybe) bracelets ($1.00).  I also found a little shoe that I think may be a vintage Monopoly piece (they threw it in with the bracelets).